In a perfect world there would be no credit.

All credit is bad by nature and you do well in avoiding it as much as you can. In a perfect world, they and the companies that provide them wouldn't exist. We wouldn't either. But we don't live in a perfect world. From time to time, we all need a helping hand to make ends meet and to make dreams become a reality.

From time to time, we all need a life-happens credit buffer.

Just make sure it's a fair one.

A flexible and somewhat fair life‑happens credit buffer.

Make your way through life's friction and traction with Fairlo. And rest assured that what you see is what you get. No nasty surprises. The rate is the same for everyone and we never charge you fees.

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Representative 23% APR. Max 25% APR.

Access a credit limit up to £10,000.

Only pay interest on what you use for the time you use it. Enjoy free withdrawals and repayments everyday, 24/7.

Enjoy frictionless withdrawals.

Withdraw the amount you need straight into your bank account with less time figuring out the repayments and more time living life.

Unmatched flexibility.

Life happens. You can make withdrawals, additional repayments, and even change your monthly repayment at any time for free.

Nothing hidden, no surprises, no tricks.

No fees, just the same guaranteed interest rate for each credit limit. Know the real rates before you check your eligibility.

A clear repayment plan you can trust.

You always have a sustainable plan to repay your balance. No need to worry about getting caught in a payment trap.

The fairness receipt

With Fairlo you get a fairness receipt for every transaction, stating the exact economics of it. How much does it cost, where does the money go, how much do we stand to profit and so on. The Fairlo fairness receipt is the first in the world, which speaks volumes to just how opaque and dishonest the credit industry is.

Read more about the fairness receipt

Proven in Sweden, now in the UK

Customers who use Fairlo's credit service can rate the service on Trustpilot and Google, among others. We encourage, via email, all active customers to rate us on Trustpilot. Some reviews on Trustpilot are verified. This means that Trustpilot has verified that the reviewer had a genuine experience with us. You can read more about their process here. The authenticity of Google reviews is not checked. Trustpilot's overall assessment is based on the number of reviews, star ratings and the freshness of the reviews.

Apply right here, right now.

Check your eligibility, limit and terms. Oh wait, everyone gets the same fair APR, from 18% to 25% depending on the credit limit.

Check my eligibility

Representative 23% APR. Max 25% APR.

Acknowledging one's toxic traits is the first step toward improving oneself.

All credit is bad, by nature, and you do well in avoiding us as much as you can. And however much it's true we wouldn't exist in a perfect world we don't live in a perfect world.

We've made point out of having the world's most entertaining terms and conditions.

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